4 Reasons Why You Should Add Boswellia To Your Supplement List

Located in the dry landscapes of India, Somalia, Yemen, and Ethiopia are Boswellia trees that grow up to 8 ft straight out of polished marble, with multiple trunks of a paper like texture, and a nutrient dense milk like resin that has been used for its medicinal, religious, and cosmetic purposes for centuries.
Mainly, Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, who have a long history of using what is otherwise known as frankincense to increase blood circulation and relieve pain.

Modern medicine has conducted studies for the resins medicinal properties and has found multiple uses for this ancient herb.
Boswellia is less known as turmeric or ginger, but there is a wide range of medicinal qualities it has that you know about.

1. Reduce Pain

Pain can come in many different forms depending on the condition of the person experiencing the symptoms. From osteoarthritis to tendinitis to menstrual cramps Boswellia can relieve a wide range of pain caused by many different conditions that could be getting in the way of enjoying the active and healthy lifestyle you want.

This is through its ability to increase blood circulation and shrink inflamed tissue. For example, patients with osteoarthritis showed a decrease in knee pain, an ability to walk longer distances, and increased knee flexion after consuming Boswellia.

Shrinking inflamed tissue and inhibiting inflammation is a primary way to reduce pain which is why Boswellia can be applied to such a wide variety of pain scenarios. For those of you who love exercise but don’t love the joint pain you experience during or afterward, Boswellia could be something worth trying.

2. Breath Easy

Boswellia can relieve symptoms of mild to severe respiratory conditions such as a cough caused by the common cold or asthma. This herb can inhibit leukotrienes, one of the primary inflammatory agents that can trigger asthma.

So whether you are looking for some relief from that nagging cough or you have asthma and have tried other remedies that have not worked yet, Boswellia could be the support you have been looking for, and a natural one at that.


Boswellia Tree

3. Help Inflammatory Conditions

Boswellia can be compared to and combined with herbs that possess anti-inflammatory properties such as ginger and turmeric. The anti-inflammatory qualities can be attributed to Boswellia’s ability to regulate immune cytokine production and leukocyte infiltration.

In other words, there are elements in the herb that help regulate and mediate immunity, inflammation, and the production of blood cells.
It can be supportive inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.

You do not need to be suffering from these conditions to receive the benefits of Boswellia; rather, they are an example to show the strength of its medicinal properties.

4. Reduce Stress

Reducing pain and inflammation is another tool you can apply, combined with other stress management tools, to reduce stress in your life. All of these conditions and symptoms, when gone unattended to, can cause conscious or unconscious stress in day to day life.
Sometimes we try to normalize pain, tolerate, or just straight up ignore what’s happening in our body in hopes that it will go away.
By taking a supplement that can be used preventatively and provide relief the body needs, you are taking a proactive and empowered approach to health that benefits your mind and body and as a result, reduces stress.


Ancient traditions all over the world from the Middle East to Asia to the Amazon have enormous wisdom of how to heal the remedy the body and mind.
More and more of those remedies show that they stand the test of modern science as well. Boswellia is now joining the respectable group of herbs like turmeric and ginger and should get its space in your home remedies collection.

Ariel Goldenberg

Ariel Goldenberg

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