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We’re an active lifestyle brand for men over 40 who want to get in shape and create lasting change to their health for themselves and their family.

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The Man Behind the Brand

Chef and Certified Nutritionist Ariel Goldenberg

Thanks for checking out my site!

Hi, I’m Ariel Goldenberg and at 47, I’ve never been in better shape. I feel good, the wife says I look good, and most importantly I can keep up with my 4 year old daughter whom I love.

And I’d like to share my story with you…

It started when my father died.

He was only 55.

Which is kind of crazy. Because as a teenager he was an athlete. 

Growing up, he pushed me and my brother to become competitive swimmers. 

But, while he pushed us to be athletic, I watched his health whittle away.

With every drink, every smoke, every unhealthy choice he made…

It was painful to watch him slowly kill himself as he became sick and weak.

His health deteriorated through his 40s and 50s until he finally died of a stroke.

That’s something I never want my daughter to experience.

It’s something no family should have to go through.

And that’s why when I saw the same thing start happening to me. I decided to walk the talk that my dad didn’t.

And that’s why I’ve created this community of men over 40.

To encourage each other to create sustainable change and lead a healthy life.

I’ve poured over 20 years of knowledge into this community and I continue to add to it every day.

It’s the information that transformed my life into what it is today.

It’s the knowledge that I’ve gained and implemented that has allowed me to feel more energetic and agile at almost 50 than I did in my 20s and 30s.

Because it is possible to undo years of poor eating and being sedentary.

It is possible to take it to the next level even if you’ve been exercising all your life.

And together we can build a strong community and inspire change within one another.

I’d love for you to join us…