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In 2013 my wife and I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon. The Amazon is a harsh environment, and you need to know what you’re doing

A New Kind of Chocolate Love

How many people do you know who don’t like chocolate? The second question is: what exactly we mean when we say we like chocolate? I

Lamb Hearts and Kidneys

Every Sunday I hurry to our neighborhood’s farmers’ market. The first stand I’ll check is the meat stand. When I get there, there is already

When A Salad Is A Meal

A confession: I never cook with recipes. In fact, I don’t like to write recipes, either. The way I use cookbooks and recipes is as

Braised Chuck With Peppers and Kale

A key principle for a well functioning kitchen is planning. Making sure that you have the right amount and diversity of ingredients for a given

Your Grandmother Was Right (Again)

Coming from a Jewish family, chicken soup, AKA Jewish penicillin,  was a staple at home. It didn’t require a special occasion although it was part

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If there is one thing that reminds us, most noticeably, that our body is aging – it is probably our joints and connective tissues. Somewhere

Laap – Thai Pork Salad

Laap is one of my favorite dishes in Thai cuisine. In Thailand, the preparation of the dish, the kind of meat, spices, and herbs vary

Traveling – Food On The Go

As you know I’ve been writing here many times about how to optimize your diet and health, cooking your own food as much as you