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Midlife Crisis

When I was a younger man mid-life crisis in a man’s life always seemed to me to be a mysterious event with no clear starting

Reconsidering Your Stimulants

  Let’s face it. We all need our little helper to give us an energy boost. Caffeine, no doubt, is the first choice of millions

Lamb Meatballs and Yogurt

Comfort food is a term we use a lot. But what does it mean exactly? I think it’s the kind of food that makes you

Organic Movement

Our ancestors did not exercise If you think about it, the concept of “exercising” or “working out” is a product of our sedentary modern culture. Hunter-gatherers

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If there is one thing that reminds us, most noticeably, that our body is aging – it is probably our joints and connective tissues. Somewhere

Laap – Thai Pork Salad

Laap is one of my favorite dishes in Thai cuisine. In Thailand, the preparation of the dish, the kind of meat, spices, and herbs vary

Traveling – Food On The Go

As you know I’ve been writing here many times about how to optimize your diet and health, cooking your own food as much as you