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The Easiest Fastest Paleo Meal

Let’s assume you’re no cook, or don’t have any desire to cook. Let’s also say that you’re the busiest man on earth and you don’t

Paleo and Spirituality

The Paleo lifestyle is perceived as being related to the physical aspects of our lives, including what we eat and how we move and train.

Sardines – Oily Little Treasures

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve noticed already that I have affection for the underdogs of the nutrition world like the flat steaks and

Eat the Whole Beast

What do you usually see behind the glass display at your neighborhood’s butcher shop? Most likely, line after line of muscle meat cuts fill the

Flat Iron Steak

Let’s not sugar coat it – eating a 100% paleo diet, and I mean in the deep and true sense of paleo – is expensive.

Way Beyond Training!

I’ve just finished reading Ben Greenfield’s Beyond Training, and I have to say, I’m blown away. I suspect that the book, which came out last

Why Diets Don’t Work

Maybe some of you noticed that Whole Foods started dedicating a section of their buffet to the paleo diet. The sign above the trays of

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If there is one thing that reminds us, most noticeably, that our body is aging – it is probably our joints and connective tissues. Somewhere

Laap – Thai Pork Salad

Laap is one of my favorite dishes in Thai cuisine. In Thailand, the preparation of the dish, the kind of meat, spices, and herbs vary

Traveling – Food On The Go

As you know I’ve been writing here many times about how to optimize your diet and health, cooking your own food as much as you

Roasted Goat Leg With Fennel

As a backpacker in India in my twenties, I remember that low-budget traveling was a kind of a sport among travelers. Who can survive on