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Designed For Men Over 40 Using Functional Movements For Mindful Health & Fitness.

Includes Daily "How To" Videos, Tips, and One-On-One Coaching​

This is not your typical at home workout

Active Remedy owner and Certified Nutritionist, Ariel Goldenberg has teamed up with Certified Personal Trainer, Andrew Simmerling to bring you a program that can be done at home with no weights and no fancy equipment. Just you, your body, and a little time. This is thanks to variable tempo training and using functional movements. Giving you the benefits of traditional weight training without the risk of wear and tear to your joints. You’ll become leaner with the added benefits of increased balance, flexibility, and core strength.

If you want to kick it up a notch we’re also including a variation of the program that incorporates bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells, but it’s not for the faint of heart.


It’s no secret that sitting around at home is just as bad for your mental health as it is your physical health. Without access to the gym, social gatherings, fresh air, and the sun it’s easy to feel down, lethargic, and even trapped. So while other people are feeding their minds Netflix and negative stories from the news, you can level up your mind and body with our 6-Week Challenge.

Transform your body & your mind

You will come out of this 6 week program leaner, stronger, and looking better than ever. Not only that, but you will feel a sense of well being, calm, and alertness that you’ve never experienced before. No there is no “woo woo” pseudo-science being presented. But you will learn how to use your breathing to clear your mind, reduce your anxiety, and focus. Resulting in a more mindful experience both in training and everyday life. When applied with training you will find the ability to tap into your “inner-strength” giving you more power and endurance than ever before.

Designed for mindful health & Fitness

This Program Was Designed For Men Over 40

what you need to know ABOUT THIS PROGRAM

As you get older your body’s needs change.

Looking good and building muscle is great. And you will achieve that with this program.

But you also need to train smart. You need a program that will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your body and joints.

We achieve this by varying tempo and time under tension instead of adding more reps or weight which can cause damage to your joints.

And because you want to feel as good as you look this program combines lifestyle elements like nutrition tips, breathing, recovery & more!

Build Muscle
Lose Fat
Increase Mindfulness

Here's What You GET:

6 Weeks of Training

5 training days
1 Active Recovery Day
1 Rest Day
All laid out for you. No planning. No thinking.
Just pull it up on the phone and go!

One on One Help

Have a question? Don't feel motivated?
You'll have access to the trainers 24/7 through our chat app

How To Videos

Nothing is worse than getting excited for a workout and finding out you have no clue how to do it!
We've solved this by giving you access to videos with clear instructions on how to perform each exercise safely and effectively.

Safe & Efficient Exercises

This workout is built for guys 40+. Each exercise was hand picked to be shoulder and joint friendly.


The #1 reason people don't stick with a program is accountability.
This isn't just a program that you pay for and we send you a PDF.
You will have access to the trainers through a chat app to help keep you on track.
Along with daily tips that focus on training, coaching points, and why you're doing a particular workout.
We'll always be just one message away and will do everything in our power to set you up for success!

THE Trainers

Ariel Goldenberg

Active Remedy Owner - Certified Nutritionist

Ariel is a Certified Nutritionist and owns lifestyle brand Active Remedy – where he focuses on a holistic approach to health and nutrition for men over 40.

Ariel is a life-long athlete who experienced the setbacks that come with getting older. He was suffering from joint pain, low energy levels, and stubborn fat. Pair that with the fact that his father passed at the young age of 55, he knew he needed to look for a safe and healthy alternatives to over the counter drugs and traditional training methods.

As a former chef and certified nutritionist he used his culinary expertise to develop a nutrition plan that helped him get in shape, relieve joint pain and hit his peak fitness levels well into his 40’s.

He currently works with Certified Personal Trainer Andrew Simmerling. They’ve combined their vast knowledge and experience of nutrition, mindfulness, and training to bring you the best at home workout program for men over 40.

Andrew Simmerling

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer - B.S. in Exercise Science

Andrew is a former NJCAA Collegiate Baseball Player and Pitcher. He has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Florida State University and Personal Trainer Certification ACSM.

Andrew has worked with high profile clients like Michelle Obama for her “get moving” initiative. He also trained clients at the high-end luxury gym, Equinox where he helped over 50 clients build muscle, lose fat, and achieve their fitness goals.

Currently, he works for a high profile gym owned by a former CrossFit professional. This is no ordinary gym. They take a unique approach to training called “Functional Bodybuilding” which focuses on looking good, feeling better, and moving well.

With a background in physical therapy and rehabilitation, Andrew was a natural fit to team up with Ariel to create a safe, effective at home program that matches Active Remedy’s vision of functional and mindful health and fitness.


This is not your typical at home workout program. And it’s definitely not the same-old push up challenge.

You are going to build muscle, lose fat, increase athleticism and flexibility while learning to become more mindful.

You’re not only going to look fit, you’ll feel fit, and move as good as you look!

Not at all! All you need is about 5 feet of floor space and you. 

This program is designed to be done without any equipment and includes progressive overload meaning each week gets harder and challenges your body so that you experience growth.

However, we are including information on how to incorporate dumbbells and kettlebells if you want to increase the challenge.

If you’re a man over 40 this program is right for you!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this program will challenge you and push you to a new level.

Each week gets progressively more challenging and as you engage your stabilizer muscles in ways you’ve never felt before you’ll quickly realize that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training. This program will help you get stronger, leaner, and more flexible.

Each workout is designed to last between 60-90 minutes.

So skip an episode of whatever’s hot on Netflix right now and feed your mind and body the fuel you need to look and feel your best.

The total cost is $67. Less than you’d pay for just ONE personal training session.

And that gives you unlimited access to the trainers to ask questions and get the feedback you need. Plus 6 weeks of guided training and accountability.

We use an app called TrueCoach. If you have an iPhone you can download the app directly and if you’re on android you can use their mobile site.

Once you make your payment, Ariel will onboard you and get you access to the program along with all the details you need to get started.

After your 6 week program is completed you can continue working with us on a subscription based plan.

A lot of people decide to give up the drive to the gym, the waiting on machines, and the increasing fees to continue enjoying the convenience and benefits of working out at home.

Once you see the results we’re sure you’ll feel the same. So once you get to the end of this program we’ll be in touch to help you plan out your next 6 weeks!

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