The Active Remedy Promise

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Don’t you just hate it?

You spend your hard-earned money on a product that promised you results and it ends up doing nothing.

So you contact customer service because you saw there was a measly 30-day return policy.

And you find out that in order to return the product it has to be unopened and you have to pay expensive shipping with tracking to send it back. Heck, they may have wanted you to hand-deliver it and beg on your knees to get your money back.

But WHY?

They failed to deliver what they promised in exchange for your money.

And there’s always this tiny fine print that gets you

Not Here!

There’s no fine print.

If you think that I’ve failed to deliver on any promise made to you 

If you feel like you gave the product a fair shot and it just isn’t for you

If you’re not absolutely thrilled for any reason

I will refund your money, no questions asked.

I won’t demand a hand-written letter explaining why you want a refund.

And for single quantity orders, I don’t even want you to ship the product back.

Just email within 60 days of your purchase and include your order number and which item you’d like a refund for.

Multiple Quantity Orders

If you purchase multiple units of the same product we will refund the cost of one opened container and any remaining unopened containers. Just email and we’ll tell you where to send them!

How Can You Do This!?

It may seem strange to see such a loose return policy. 

And you may be wondering why on earth I’d do that.

Simply put: I know you’re going to love what you order. If you’re searching for clean, super-food blends that promote a healthy lifestyle without the hassle of cooking for hours and hours, then there is no better product on the market.

We are very transparent with our products, so when you order, you know exactly what you’re getting. And the extensive amount of research that goes into formulating each supplement is unrivaled by our competitors. We don’t release a supplement unless I’ve personally used it with success and it has the science and studies to back up its effectiveness.

This Guarantee is Available Once Per Customer

I know you’re not going to do this and it should go without saying.

You can not keep re-ordering our products and expect a refund.


If for some reason your order arrives damaged or defective in some way and you’d like a replacement just send us an email at and we will ship you a new bottle immediately. Please include a picture of the damaged or defective goods (so we can use it for insurance purposes).

P.S. I know this page isn’t much to look at. I wanted everything to be in black and white, so you know exactly what you’re getting into… no funny business! Now go place your order!


– Ariel Goldenberg

Active Remedy Owner