Your New Year’s Resolution

I don’t know about you but there is something in this time of the year that makes me direct my attention inward and check what’s going on inside. Maybe it’s the short days and long hours of darkness. Maybe the end of the year makes me contemplative because it reminds me the temporariness of everything. So recently i’ve been having this question that keeps coming to my mind:

On a physical level, what is the most important asset in your life?

Many will say it’s the house they live in. For others their car is the most important asset.

But there is another asset you own. The one that if you don’t invest in, the rest of the assets in your life totally lose their meaning.

Your body.

We tend not to think about it when everything works relatively fine. We take the way our body function for granted, neglecting to realize how much load, physical and mental, we put on it.

Day in and day out you use your body and many times abuse it, and expect it to deliver and serve you according to your demands. The body is your faithful companion but it’s not an unconditional loyalty. At some point, if over-abused, the body will go on a strike. Whether it’s due to eating unhealthy, eating too much to too little, a lack of sleep or too much of any other form of stress, the body has to stop and usually becomes sick. And even that, is for the purpose of saving you from yourself.

The body is sometimes wiser than you and works according to its inner intelligence. An intelligence that is based millions of years back, in the times when we were hunting in the Serengeti, and goes much deeper than we can imagine. 

So this year when you plan your new year’s resolution, make a commitment to treat your body better. There are obviously many ways to practice that, so start by making the commitment to really listen to your body. In fact, why not start this commitment already at this year’s holiday dinner table?

Remember that this kind of inner listening requires space. You’re tapping into an ancient wisdom. It requires silence and not being distracted by other stimuli. Put your phone down. Maybe turn off the TV?

Remind yourself that there is nothing narcissistic about treating your body right. Well-maintained body is a classic win-win situation. You are a better person to anyone you know and to the world when you’re good to your body. A well-maintained body serves you better in serving others.

Your body is the vehicle that carries your mind and soul with all your wishes and aspiration and dreams. Treat it right and it will deliver a great return on your investment.  A return which is the force of life that will make you get up in the morning and help you living those dreams.

I wish you a year full of vitality, energy and good health!

Ariel Goldenberg

Ariel Goldenberg

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